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A Sister Company

National Tarps, a Sister Company of TARP COVER (TarpCover.co.za) and is based in South Africa, Cape Town.  Offering a range of services such Vehicle Branding / Wrapping, Vinyl Application and Custom Decals not to forget they also service the Transport and Distribution Industry with Curtain Sets, Manufacturing, Installation, Line Work and Full Digital Printing.

You can visit their site here – www.NationalTarps.co.za

The Build


This build was done within a week – This was made possible because all the information prep was done a month before and the client supplied every detail before anything was touched.  This makes for a very quick build.
Our typical turnaround time is usually 2/3 weeks for this kind of look and feel.
Why? Because often the information needs to be manipulated in such a way that everything works together in harmony creating the perfect balance with regards to typography / headings and paragraphs.
We like balance, a lot, and to accomplish that often takes some testing along with some ‘back n forthing’ with the client to nail the perfect finish.


Our client wanted a ‘minimalist’ type of feel for their website and it was based on a few website designs the client had sent through to us beforehand.


Block-Type, with a flow of direction downwards revealing multiple kinds of services offered.  The Contact form is a nice to have for users or clients that are familiar with form submit-ions – All the company details are displayed on the left of the Contact Form, which is not the norm or recommended practice.


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