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Neville Berkowitz – A successful small business entrepreneur and proactive Strategic Business Advisor for the last 45 years!

As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in numerous local and global industries. He’s been a Researcher, Forecaster, Global Real Estate Economist, Institutional Strategic Investment Advisor locally and globally, Negotiator, Strategic Business Advisor, Investor, Real Estate Developer, Internet Business Developer, and Author of over 100 investment journals for many clients.

Through proper research and forecasting, he’s also been an Opportunistic Investor.

He’s advised Government, Institutions, Investors, Developers, Associations, Corporates, Small Business Owners, and High Net Worth Individuals locally and globally.

In 1992, He established ‘Neville Berkowitz Global Associates’, with Associates in seventeen countries on five continents, advising Institutional Investors on their global expansion.

You can visit Neville’s site here – www.smallbusinessprosperity.com

The Build


As Neville grew wiser to our capabilities and re-accessing his ideas, the duration of this website did stretch to over 8ish weeks.  Because this was not the typical 5 pager website we were not surprised that the build would last a little longer than initially anticipated.  The full build was however very enlightening with Neville’s welcomed friendliness and patience as both parties worked through the lengthy copy which made up for 90% of the website build.

We look forward to Neville’s anticipated blogs he’d like to add in the near future.


“Some clients ‘come n go’ and then sometimes clients become our friends” – Dirk C.


Despite the final simplicity of the website the initial idea was quite the challenge as some difficulty was met with the interpretation of Neville’s vision.  With our guidance we steered Neville’s ideas and successfully built the final result. 


The layout is by far not the typical direction we’d usually approach.  But this website is meant to be used as a ‘presentation type’ design which will help Neville guide his future clients step by step as he explains the detailed solutions for future-proofing small bussiness’.


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